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A new way.....Join our Art Biz Team

Are you fed up to be ripped off by gallery's all the time? They promise gold, take your cash and deliver poor.

We are changing that. We are setting up a new way to work as a gallery. It will be focused and driven by you as an artist in a close cooperation with us. You pay for what you participate in. A fair split on costs no extra charge on top.

Gallery base is in Sweden and NYC.

If we sign up for Artexpo NYC, the cost for cost will be split equity between the participated artist, or depending how much space you like to have.

Than you can choose to be there yourself or pay commission for a booth manager with sale skills that will work for you.

The commission on sold art will be very low as the concept and ideas is NOT to be making the gallery owner fat. It's about connecting artist with artist and change the way clients meet art and there art work.

In the future we might have a art-bus trawling around in the country to meet clients were it suits them, and they can even rent the art instead of purchase it.

Art is seldom selling itself, it need to sold.

Would you like to be part of a new way to sell and work with art?  join us now, it's free of charge to be part of the basic level .


Basic Artist: At the moment there is no charge to be part of our homepage as basic artist, with 1-2 pictures of your art and your name.

Send us a few picture of your art work with price, size and medium and we post it free of charge on our site, and we do not charge any commission.

Premium Artist: Join us as a premium artist, with a presentation of yourself with all contact information such as FB, website and Instagram links. There is a small monthly fee or a low set up fee if you prefer. You will get your personal art curator, we will create your own art book (26 pages) for just a low production cost

Please feel free to send us a mail and we will get back to you shortly with more information how we can get your art career to fly


To be part of an international exhibitions there will be a fee, depending on how much the exhibitions cost are.

To exhibit at our gallery in Sweden we charge a small fee, Starts from 650 kr/artist/week, all depending on marketing strategis, time of the year and how many artists that will exhibit at the same time. Give us a call or email us for more info.


There is no charge to be part of our Facebook account. You can either send us a few pictures of your art work with price, size and medium and we will post it free of charge. You can post it direct on the FB account as well.


There is no charge to be part of our Instagram account. You can  send us a few pictures of your art work with price, size and medium and we will post it free of charge. 

Your privat art curator/agent:

We are here for you, helping you promote your art and work out an art strategy for you to be recognized and established as an artist. Contact us for more information on how we can work toghether.

Jury-rated exhibition

A few times every year we will conduct a jury rated exhibition. To be part of our next jury-rated exhibition you have to email us a CV/Bio and 3-5 pictures of your work

The cost is for now 300 kr per artist. The shipping cost etc is coverd by the artist.